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OK Napkin Party PK 500S

For all your large-scale outdoor gatherings, use  regular party pack. With 500 pink colored tissues, your guests can have a carefree time enjoying the moments that really matter. It is the most economical solution for heavy usage.

Prime Maxi Roll Embossed Available In: 1 unit

  • Premium Quality made of 100% virgin fibers
  • Apt for usage in Kitchens, washrooms, restaurants, hotels, cafeterias’ and more.
  • Embossed and super absorbent for effective cleaning, Compatible with variety of dispensers.

Pure Scented Tissue Available In: 1 unit Made by Pure-Tissues


The present invention relates to a scented tissue paper that emits a scent and a method for producing the tissue paper.

  Some tissue papers are designed to emit a scent. This scented tissue paper has many high-value-added tissue paper containing a moisturizer, also called a lotion chemical, to give it a more luxurious feeling, for example, mint-based to give a refreshing feeling.


Pure Tissue Basic Pack Pop-Up Available In: 1 unit Made by Pure-Tissues

tissue and paper handkerchief refers to a class of soft, absorbent, disposable papers that ... Because of high quality requirements the base tissue is normally made entirely from pure chemical pulp.

Pure Tissue Premium Pack Available In: 1 unit Made by Pure-Tissues

In this project analytical methods for in depth characterisation of 3D-structural properties of tissue paper will be developed. These methods shall allow to correlate integral paper properties like tissue softness and water uptake to 3D-structural properties of the paper like topography, bulk and compressibility. Thereby we want to achieve a better understanding concerning the impact of certain changes in paper structure on the relevant product properties. These analytical methods will than be applied to assist the project partner in the development of advanced technologies for the production of premium tissue qualities

Rose Petal Facial Perfumed Ultra Soft Tissue Available In: 1 pack 100 sheets Made by Rose-Petal


Perfumed Facial Tissue

  Enjoy a lush experience with soft tissue paper imbued with a hint of mild fragrance to give you an uplifting feel with every use. Comes in 2 pleasant fragrances, musk and floral, each with a beautiful packaging. For those who love smelling great.

Rose Petal Facial Tissue Pop Up Available In: 1 unit Made by Rose-Petal

Disposable hygiene around the house can’t get more affordable and compact than ROSE PETAL Pop-Up Smart Facial Tissues. This petite box fits easily anywhere enhancing the ambience with its vibrant colored design. Ideal for your dressing table. It is the smartest choice for personal use.

Rose Petal Hi Jeen Tissues Available In: 1 unit Made by Rose-Petal


Hi-Jeen Tissue

Hygienic disposable towel solution for bathroom usage. Ideal for drying hands after washing and saves one from the hassle of washing traditional towel repeatedly.HI-JEEN TOWEL great for both personal & commercial use, Hijeen Towel tissues keep the germs & bacteria away in comparison to using reusable cloth towels. Moreover, its recyclable properties make it an environment-friendly waste without making you feel guilty.

Rose Petal Hi-Jeen Jumbo Roll Available In: 1 unit Made by Rose-Petal

Have a big family & prefer instant hygienic absorbent care around kitchen & bath rooms? Hi-jeen Jumbo roll is specially designed for heavy usage for drying wet hands or wiping off large surfaces.

Rose Petal Kitchen Towel Tissue Available In: 1 unit Made by Rose-Petal

As a culture we enjoy rich foods and delicacies usually prepared in hefty amount of oil. We can’t change our traditional ways or habits but have become more health conscious with the new age and exposure. ROSE PETAL Zzoop is the strongest kitchen towel and is ultra-absorbent that helps maintain your health by absorbing all the extra oil from our food, reducing extra calories. It is the first kitchen towel in Pakistan and one of the leading brand in the category. It is also perfect for cleaning kitchenware, wiping spillages and cleaning surfaces. It’s made with 100% wood pulp, is safe to come in contact with food items and is available in single and twin packaging.

Rose Petal Luxury Ultra Soft Tissue Available In: 1 pack 200 sheets Made by Rose-Petal

ROSE PETAL’S parent company Packages Ltd. was established in 1956, as a joint venture between Ali Group of Pakistan and Akerlund and Rausing of Sweden that provides premium packaging. Over four decades, Packages Ltd. has grown from strength to strength, upholding its values of care, respect, honesty, lead & courage. ROSE PETAL brings you a superior care solution with Deluxe, a plus-size pack enveloped in an eye-pleasing persona. It’s the perfect pack for making an impression.

Rose Petal Maxob Tissue Roll Single Pack Available In: 1 unit Made by Rose-Petal

Made with finest material and latest technology, Rose Petal Maxob is now ultra-Absorbent. Which is now enhanced texture and stronger quality, the new and improved Maxob Lasts longer and gives maximum absorption.  

Rose Petal Multi Color Ultra Soft Tissue Available In: 150 unit Made by Rose-Petal

Ultra Soft & Absorbent High levels of hygiene maintained Prevent infection and growth of bacteria.It brings you a quick enlivening hygiene solution to fix all your untidy moments hosting a soft touch of excitement with every pull from the box.

Rose Petal Party Pack White -Multi-Purpose Tissue Available In: 300 unit Made by Rose-Petal

Calling out a birthday party, family dinner or any other indoor gathering? Rose Petal presents to you a bulk pack of  bright white & presentable tissues to make all your occasions shine bright.

Rose Petal Perfumed 100 Face Tissue

International premium tissue Free from optical brightening agent (OBA ) 2 ply, 200 pulls Virgin fibre Convenient Box: Multicolor.

Rose Petal Perfumed Wet Wipes Box Available In: 12 piece


Wet Wipes

  For those who want a convenient and invigorating hygiene solution, wet wipes are available in 2 refreshing fragrances; lemon mint and rose. Ideal for wiping hands after meals and can also be used to clean materials that are in contact with skin. It’s a perfect fix to carry when you’re on the go

Rose Petal Pocket Pack Box Available In: 12 piece

For your out of home needs, Rose Petal offers you a disposable hygiene in its most compact and convenient form in the shape of Pocket Pack. Easy to keep in your pocket or your hand bag. With 8 pulls, enjoy the handy cleanliness on the go.

Rose Petal pop up Smart Tissue Available In: 80 unit Made by Rose-Petal

Disposable hygiene around the house can’t get more affordable and compact than ROSE PETAL Pop-Up Smart Facial Tissues. This petite box fits easily anywhere enhancing the ambience with its vibrant colored design. Ideal for your dressing table. It is the smartest choice for personal use.

Rose Petal Supreme Ultra Soft Tissue Available In: 100 piece Made by Rose-Petal

Rose Petal is the leading tissue brand in Pakistan. With decades of service to the market, they have maintained their reputation. Available for competitive prices.

Rose Petal Table Napkins Available In: 50 piece Made by Rose-Petal

Proper etiquettes are key when it comes to hosting formal gatherings. ROSE PETAL printed napkins not only give a neat dining experience but they pamper your guests with an eye pleasing printed design. Adorns your table and trolleys perfectly, making it the perfect companion for memorable gatherings.

Rose Petal Tulip Soft & Absorbent Regular Tissue Available In: 80 piece Made by Rose-Petal

Tissue paper products, which include paper towels and toilet paper, play an important role in modern life. They contribute to improved hygiene, comfort and convenience in our society. Tissue paper products are highly engineered to provide strength, ultra-light weight, softness and absorbency, all at the same time.

Saafi 4x Toilet Paper Rolls Available In: 1 unit

toilet roll is a long narrow strip of toilet paper that is wound around a small cardboard tube.
What are the benefits of toilet paper?
Bathroom tissuepaper towels, facial tissuepaper handkerchiefs and table napkins all play a critical role in our basic daily hygiene, cleanliness and comfort. They are marvelously efficient at supporting hygiene by preventing the spread of dirt, germs, bacteria, viruses and disease.